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Tuross Head Accommodation

Pet Friendly Accommodation


Tuross Head for Pet-Friendly Accommodation.

Pet-Friendly accommodation means Dog-friendly only, as cats, by their natural instinct are destructive to native wildlife and there is an abundance of that around the Tuross Head Motel and local area. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are fine animals but they sure are great hunters.

The Pet-Friendly Accommodation option is a specific Room and has to be booked directly with the Tuross Head Motel over the phone. Call 02 447338112 to book this exclusive accommodation.

We are one of the rare providers of accommodation for dogs on the South Coast of NSW and probably in Australia for that matter, we understand the stress and loneliness an animal can experience when left behind while the rest of the family goes on holiday.

There are limitations however,¬† you are restricted to one small to a medium-sized animal that doesn’t have a barking problem. Other guests tend to get upset by this and consequently we lose future business. Also, we do not allow any toilet litter in the rooms, you must take your dog for a walk to do their business.

We have a dedicated pet-friendly room with a nice lawn for you and your pooch. We allow them in the room with you but not on the beds, we expect you to bring their bed with you as well as your own bags for cleaning up any landmines dropped outside.

Tuross Head and the Eurobodalla region, in general, is a great holiday destination to bring your dog, with many beaches accessible to your dog and especially in Tuross Head we have a great walking path around the beachfront area that would have to be over a kilometre long easily. We have included a link below so that you can see all the beaches available for your pooch in Tuross Head and the Eurobodalla region.

Click here to see the beaches open to dogs.

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